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OMNITRANS assists clients with every phase of Heavy Lift and turn key projects from Door to job sites worldwide which include:

Professional Planning
Heavy Lift Operation
Full and Part Charters
Expert Packing
Customs Clearance

OMNITRANS has handled the worldwide transportation of complete factories, bulk amounts of drilling or water pipes, high value machineries such as forging manipulators and equipment, oil and gas drilling equipment, specialized vehicles, rail cars and locomotives. For references please contact us.

Incorporating flexibility into daily operations, we also handle large shipments for the wine and ski industries on a regular basis and transports large machines and oversized production equipment to job sites throughout the United States.

We are pleased to share some of the most exciting moments of transportation with you. Learn more about OMNITRANS expertise:
Omnitrans arranged and coordinated the transport of parts and equipment from facilities in Austria and Hungary for power plants in Alabama.

The shipment included an over 72,000 lbs heavy lay dam runner and other heavy lifts and over-dimensional loads. The move was time sensitive and had to be arranged so the parts arrived at the correct phase of construction. This job matches exactly Omnitrans' reputation and service oriented team of professionals. Together with our worldwide partners we can offer creative and smart solutions that fit your schedule.

Omnitrans will arrange further moves and we will keep you posted.
OMNITRANS has exclusive access to partner offices within Iraq and the Middle East and is proud to offer door to door services for your shipments into Iraq.
Together with our partners, M.G. International, we offer fully integrated solutions door to door from literally anywhere within North America to anywhere within Iraq.
Omnitrans can prepare legalization of documents, delivery to port, ocean- or airfreight to any entry point in Iraq and delivery within Iraq. We can offer storage at most entry points, insurance and escort services.
OMNITRANS organized the land transport of an over-dimensional and overweight German mixing machine from Port of Baltimore to Mt. Vernon, IL. This involved finding a special routing due to heavy bridge constructions in the state of Virginia, obtaining special City and State Permits and organizing private as well as City and State Police Escort Services.
Our last big project in the forging machinery was a steel manipulator from Germany to Pennsylvania. The tricky part was its weight of 226 ton (almost 500,000 lbs). Separated into three parts, the manipulator was moved from Germany via New York to Pennsylvania. The most interesting part was moving it from NY deep into the heartland of steal in Pennsylvania where we had to close roads, obtain police escorts and find a route without low bridges or narrow turns.
OMNITRANS was set to play an important role in the Winter Olympic 2010 efforts by the Canadian city of Vancouver. We planned and organized the transportation of five reels of steel cable, weighing up to 90 tons (200,000 lbs) from the manufacturer in Romanshorn, Switzerland up to Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler BC at 2,200m (7,150 feet).