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Shipments into Iraq

OMNITRANS has exclusive access to partner offices within Iraq and the Middle East and is proud to offer door to door services for your shipments into Iraq.
Together with our partners, M.G. International, we offer fully integrated solutions door to door from literally anywhere within North America to anywhere within Iraq.
OMNITRANS can prepare legalization of documents, delivery to port, ocean- or airfreight to any entry point Iraq and delivery within Iraq. We can offer storage at most entry points, insurance and escort services.
OMNITRANS was the only freight forwarding company who participated at the first US Mission to Iraq in October 2010. Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade, Mr. Franscisco Sanchez led this historic trade mission to Baghdad.

Last year, OMNITRANS has handled $ 35 million worth of cargo shipment to Iraq and participated in some big projects.

Iraq's GDP has more than doubled since 2006, soaring from $ 57 billion to $ 112 billion in 2009. Omnitrans is your partner for your exports into Iraq.

OMNITRANS provides door to door solutions, insurance and long time experience in this not so easy market.

Please contact Mr. Markus Raab or Mr. Matthias Weber at our Headquarter for further details, references and any questions.